A 1954 Case Model SC with Foot Clutch and Eagle-Hitch Options Farming in York County, Pennsylvania

A Case Model SC Tractor Bearing the Serial Number and with the Optional Foot Clutch and the Optional Eagle-Hitch


Brian Wayne Wells

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York County, Pennsylvania, is located on the southern boundary of the State of Pennsylvania is sandwiched between two other better-known counties, both also located on the southern Pennsylvania border. Adjacent to York County on the east, along the southern border of Pennsylvania is Landcaster County. The Susquehanna River forms the eastern border of York County with Landcaster County.

Lancaster County is the traditional “Pennsylvania Dutch” area of the state and has traditionally been the home of the largest historically Amish and Mennonite colonies in the United States of America. Adjacent to the west side of York County, along the southern boundary of Pennsylvania is Adams County. The county seat of Adams County is the small city of Gettysburg, location of the famous 1863 battle of the United States Civil War. Indeed the Battle of Gettysburg was the famous turning point battle of the United States Civil War (1861 through 1865).

Both Lancaster and Adams Counties are much better known to the general public than York County because of the great number of tourists who visit both Gettysburg and the Pennsylvania Dutch area. In comparison, York County, has few if any comparable tourist attractions like its two neighboring counties.

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