The 1951 Farmall H bearing the Serial Number 375596, nicknamed “Patrick’s H”


Brian Wayne Wells

The 1951  Farmall H bearing the Serial Number 375596, Nicknamed “Patrick’s H”

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In 2005, Mark Wells purchased a Farmall H from the family’s good friend–Bill Radil. This tractor bears the Serial Number #375596 which means the tractor rolled off the Model H assembly line at the International Harvester Company’s “Farmall Works factory located in Rock Island, Illinois some time in the “model year” of 1951. In contrast to the calendar year, which runs from January 1st until December 31st, the model year runs from August 1st of one year to July 31st of the next year.

Bill Radil had purchased No. 375596 in 1990 with the intent of giving the tractor to his step son Patrick Fay. Patrick had been expressing an interest in antique farm tractors and helping Bill with the restoration of farm tractors since childhood. Now that Patrick was in high school, Bill felt that it was time that he had a tractor of his own. Thus, #375596 became his tractor and was soon nicknamed “Patrick’s tractor” or Patrick’s H.” The nick name stuck and was soon used by other persons outside of the Radel family, including the current author and his brother–Mark Wells.

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